Just a little History……

Once upon a time, farmers never injected their cows with growth promoters and hormones. Routine antibiotics being administered to animals was unheard of. Cows were only milked once a day. Chickens happily roamed around the farm yard. Life was lovely and simple! (Sigh!)
Then life took a turn into the fast lane.
Suddenly veggies are being grown with fertilizers, sprayed with poisons, GMO has became a buzz word. And animal farming has been sadly and badly affected. Commercial farmers have begun using whatever methods possible, to maximise their yields. And the end result is frightening. The end consumer is being pumped full of hormones and chemicals, byproducts of extreme farming methods. Take it or leave it….. that simple. That shocking.
Until a housewife in Amanzimtoti said “Enough is enough. We need real food!” And so the search began for local farmers who farm traditionally and ethically.
Within a few short months,  a quaint shop popped up in Doonside – Produce Direct Farmer’s Market. And families started flocking in from all around Durban, delighted to be able to buy decent products, at decent prices.  We are delighted that the demand for our ethical and old fashioned farm products is growing rapidly.And we are grateful to all our customers for the ongoing support.